International Renegade Pigs Motorcycle Club
International Renegade Pigs Motorcycle Club

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the IRPMC a 1% Motorcycle Club?


  NO, we are not!



Do you claim certain territories?


  No we do not.  Our bottom rocker is to inform others where we’re from.



Are members of the IRPMC all police officers?


  The IRPMC is comprised of members in law enforcement, corrections, probation & parole, and fire fighters. The IRPMC does allow for 10% of each chapter to be associate members.



What other motorcycle clubs are the IRPMC affiliated with?


  The IRPMC is not affiliated with - nor are we a support club to - any other motorcycle club. However, we do support other clubs that have similar values and goals to ours when it comes to events or fundraisers.



How many chapters are in the IRPMC?


  All of the chartered chapters are listed on our website, some with websites of their own. At the present time, there are 46 chapters in 19 states from coast to coast.



Do I send in my money and you send me patches to start a new chapter?


  For some clubs, this might be true. For the IRPMC however, this is not the case. Each new prospective chapter is screened by the National Executive Board prior to being assigned a sponsoring chapter nearby. Then begins the probationary period of at least 6 months. You will also need a minimum of 5 members to start a chapter. These members will make up your chapter Executive Board.



Who can join the Renegade Pigs MC?


  Any active full time licensed peace officer or fire fighter may join. Correction officers, as well as probation & parole officers, are also eligible as long as the duties of their positions meet the statutiry definition of a peace officer. Applicants must also own an American-made V-Twin motorcycle manufactured by an American-owned company.  Retired officers or fire fighters may also join as long as they retired in good standing from their agency.



Is there a prospect or probation period?


  Yes there is. There is also a hang around period, prior to probation or prospecting, which gives you a chance to learn about us and what the IRPMC stands for.  If you have attended IRPMC events as a past guest of the club, SOMETIMES this can also serve as the hang around time.  The hang around time gives our members a chance to learn a about you as well.



How can I learn more information?


  Questions are always welcomed as long as they are done in good taste.  Those questions submitted that are not in good taste or are meant to offend will be ignored.  If you see a member, feel free to talk to them about the club and your interest.  Look over the chapters within the IRPMC that have websites and feel free to contact them as well.  All members of the IRPMC are more than happy to provide information on what sets us apart from the others and how to join THE best public safety motorcycle club.